birthday.gitbirthday pages for my friendsShav Kinderlehrer10 hours
ai-clock.gitWIP AI assistant and clockShav Kinderlehrer3 weeks
lang.gitWIP programming language for easel jamShav Kinderlehrer8 weeks
trinket-homepage.gitsource for https://trinket.icuShav Kinderlehrer8 weeks
blog.gitsource for https://blog.trinket.icuShav Kinderlehrer8 weeks
chela.gitMinimal URL shortenerShav Kinderlehrer3 months
molehole.gitMolerat client implementationShav Kinderlehrer4 months
cool-people.gitsource for https://ppl.coolShav Kinderlehrer4 months
old-molehole.gitWIP Molerat client implementation NO LONGER MAINTAINEDShav Kinderlehrer5 months
scripts.gitsmall scripts to automate tasksShav Kinderlehrer5 months
jel.gitNative iOS SwiftUI Jellyfin client for movies and showsShav Kinderlehrer5 months
moleserv.gitPython library for creating Molerat serversShav Kinderlehrer6 months
molerat.gitSource for https://molerat.trinket.icuShav Kinderlehrer8 months
trkt.gitscrappy url shortenerShav Kinderlehrer9 months
revival-jam-2023.gitgame for Kinderlehrer9 months
prim.gitsimple zsh promptShav Kinderlehrer10 months
testing.gittesting repositoryShav Kinderlehrer11 months
lat.gitlat - a cat clone with some quality-of-life embellishmentsShav Kinderlehrer11 months
info_utils.gitlogging and unwraping macros for rustShav Kinderlehrer14 months